Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Evolution of Smooth Shave Cream

This shave lotion is quite luxurious. It's a lotion that does not lather so if you're one of those ladies that gets satisfaction out of a good lather, sorry. The vanilla bliss scent is warm and light-not at all overpowering or too vanilla-y. I didn't have to use much either which means the streamlined recyclable bottle will last me for a while. The natural ingredients of aloe, oat, and shea butter among others moisturized my skin like mad. Loving this product!


Nicole S said...

I tried the pomegranate raspberry shave cream. Yummy fruity smell. Very thick and creamy, but not foamy. Feels more like a lotion than a soap or normal shave cream. I haven't tried it dry yet, but I am betting that it would work just as well.

Dylan said...

I use this product called ExfoliShave, that exfoliates while you shave. It's all natural and doesn't lather up like a regular shave cream either, but I love it. No razor burn and I shave less often. Plus, it smells like a spa.