Thursday, January 8, 2009

Luster Weekend Tooth Whitening System

Luster's 2-step system is easy enough: Rinse & paint on gel, twice a day for three days.
The rinse doesn't taste so great, but it did not make me gag--and you don't drink it, just swish for 10 seconds.
The gel is pretty standard, nothing weird there.

My teeth were noticeably whiter, and they did not have that gross, chalky look!
I kept thinking of that I Enjoy Being A Girl song from Flower Drum Song (When men say I'm cute and funny, And my teeth aren't teeth, but pearls...).

My one dislike is the whiteness scale they give you. It looks more like drops of foundation.

Get this for Pearly Whites! Dump the scale--you'll be too busy admiring your dazzling smile to check the chart anyway;)

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