Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mohawks are back. Where is my safety-pin jewelry?

If you rocked a Mohawk in the 70's/80's, please stop and think before recreating the look. As the saying goes, if you were part of the fad the first time, leave it alone the second...

That said, Mohawks (for the young or the ironic, please) are standing again.

Amanda Lenz from patrick mcivor color studio has tips on how to keep them sky high.

“Feminine Mohawks are empowering and strong. Most are of the pixie variation, piecy and fringy around the perimeter and rather tight around the ears and sides with a longer panel on the top from the crown to the fringe area. The beauty of this haircut is its diversity. It can be worn up for a fresh, rocked out look or down framing the face,” explains Lenz.

Sky High

· Towel dry hair and mix Vavoom Take Me Higher Root Riser and Biolage Volumizing Whipped Mousse through the top center of the hair (the sides and back do not need - the sleeker those areas are, the better.)

· Blow dry top section up and back while pulling through with fingers (for those with more texture, a round brush will help).

· When hair is totally dry, spray all over with an extra-hold shaping spray and set in large barrel curls, rolling away from face. Overdirect the curls forward for maximum volume. Pick curls out with fingers. For extra definition, use a light pomade to lift and separate.

· Freeze fin with Vavoom Freezing Spray for long lasting hold.

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