Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scientific by Kenneth Beer, MD

I recently gave the Scientific skin care line a 2 month trial (shhh! Please, don't tell my mother-in-law! If she asks, I am using 100% of her Mary Kay products!), including Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator, PH Balancing Cleanser, Daily Hydrating Cream, Brightening Serum, and Intensive Repair Serum.

Scientific PH Balancing Cleanser was light and airy, but with gentle beads to massage and nourish the skin. I found that this cleanser really did balance my skin-I tend to get oily in the summer months and most cleansers that attack oil end up leaving me dry. This cleanser really did have a nice affect on my oily patches, without drying me out.

Scientific White Bamboo Exfoliator was a nice once-a-week treat. This microderm abraision type treatment heats when it meets water and then aggressively, yet gently exfoliates and cleanses. Although I did feel like dead cells were scrubbed away, I did not see patches of red skin or feel areas of irritation, like with other masks.

Scientific Daily Hydrating Cream was magnificent. Very lightly scented and the perfect balance of moisture without oil or shine. One downfall-this product does not play well with others-if you ever blend your face lotion with foundation to create a thinner tinted lotion, this is not an ideal playmate for your cosmetics. I found that this lotion needed to be completely absorbed into the skin before applying anything else, or it would create a delicious soup on my skin.

Scientific Brightening Serum was again, free of scent and light, but did not necessarily prove any results in my discolored or dull skin areas.

Scientific Intensive Repair Serum was a bit oily for regular use, but I would totally add this product to my winter skin care regimen, as it really does seem to give dry patches of skin some tough love. Although it is like an oil to the touch, it creates magic in the skin, acting like a dryness barrier, without shine or overwhelming moisture.

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