Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orlane, Paris~ Un journal de 14 jours

I will be keeping a 14 day diary of my experience with 3 time fighting
products by Orlane, Paris.
Ooh la la!
Day 1: I used Orlane's First Time-Fighting Care after my before-bed face cleansing. I wasn't expecting any miracles of course, but my husband did comment "Honey, your face looks really shiny..like, good shiny!" Hey, I'll take it!!

Day 2: This morning I again used the First Time-Fighting Care cream and also took a try at the Morning Recovery Concentrate and Eye Contour serums. Neither products felt heavy nor had a bold scent.

Day 3: Today I started to see a little breakout, so I called my dermo. She recommended using the First Time-Fighting Care  cream at night only, not during the day, under make-up. A word to the wise with sensitive skin like myself!

Day 4:  I fell in love today. Orlane's Morning Recovery Concentrate is no joke!! It really gives my skin an instant, brightening, boost!

Day 5: Breakout butt has been kicked. Crisis averted.

Day 6: Call me a placebo princess, but I definitely started seeing a difference in my under-eye discoloration today! Welcome to my heart Eye Contour Serum!!

Days 7,8,9: I truly am seeing a difference in my wake-up-face, since lathering up with  the First Time-Fighting Care cream each night! I'm hooked!

Days 10-12: I stayed the weekend away and neglected to pack my Orlane products!! My skin is definitely feeling and looking a bit malnourished from only 3 days away!

Day 13: Ahhh...back to the routine. What a difference a day makes! My face feels replenished and instantly brightened.

Day 14: I must say, Merci beaucoup, Orlane, Paris!!

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