Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maybe Melvita

Every time I try a new body butter, lotion or balm I am crossing my fingers that I have found The One. That perfect concoction that smells like heaven, sinks in like nobody's business and  finally ends my flaky Michigan winter legs.

Melvita's APICOSMA Body Ultra-Nourishing Body Balm almost meets this criteria. The organic, patented mixture of three honeys- Thyme, Acacia and Orange Blossom- has a nice thick, creamy texture that works in quickly and and leaves skin feeling soft.  After a few days of continued use I conducted my winter skin black tights test to see how much dry leg powder flakies were left on the tights once taking them off. Sure, it's a tad gross, but I have mad dry skin! The results were much improved from my usual lotion, but not jaw-droppingly better. Also, I'm not a fan of the Orange Blossom scent. Maybe because it's a bit too summery for the middle of winter? With it's three honey mix I was hoping for something more soothing and warm.

Overall this is definitely a quality body balm that I would recommend to someone who enjoys a citrus scented beauty product. As for me, I'm still holding out for The One.

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