Thursday, May 2, 2013

Muggles Need Not Apply

As the previous post mentioned, Davines is a hair care line for wizards! 

Yes, it would indeed take a well-versed mane maestro to fully utilize the No. 3 Universal Mattering Mousse and OI Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion. I don't know if it was just me and my lack of skills, but these products just didn't do anything for me. 

The Oi Oil's best aspect is that it smells divine- Very aromatic and relaxing. When I used it on my fine, semi-wavy hair it left it a bit limp. So probably a product to use for those hair-straightening, shiny glossy days. 

The No. 3 Universal Mattering Mousse (which I always want to type as "mouse". A mattering mouse! Would that be like Muffy the Mouse from Today's Special?!) also left my locks a bit lackluster... And crunchy too, even though I made sure to work the foam adequately through my hair. It also smelled nice, but was more candy-sweet than the hair oil.

In my opinion these hair products are overall nice smelling, but better left to wizards and their hair care shelves.

You smell so nice, but you made my hair so sad.

Smells like candy, works like meh!

I wonder if you can find this on Diagon Alley.

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