Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Wei to Anti-Aging!

I used to flip right through anti-aging articles and rolled my eyes at ads hawking the latest wrinkle reducers. And then I turned 30. 

This whole aging thing? Well, it's apparently real kids! 

Which isn't to say I'm a wrinkly-dinkly-complected mess. I've always worn sunscreen, moisturized and even Retin-A-ed my skin to pretty decent shape. It's just that the prospect of awakening to a suddenly fallen face seems a lot more realistic now. So Wei Correct-Zen 24-Hour Herbal Anti-Aging System is definitely a welcome addition to my daily regimen. 

The big draw to the potions are their inclusion of Gentian Root and L'obelia extract. According to Wei, the former has long been used by Chinese women to achieve their "well-known spotless porcelain look," while the latter's muscle relaxation and pain reducing properties diminish the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. 

Sounds good to me!

The Daytime Complexion Corrector has a pleasant, fresh fragrance and leaves skin feeling quite soft. Two small drawbacks though: 1) It doesn't contain SPF and 2) It created a bit of a funky texture when I applied foundation shortly after. Perhaps I didn't wait long enough for it to sink in though? 

The Overnight Wrinkle Reducer is a bit lighter in texture but also leaves skin feelin' good. 

As for whether or not these two will REALLY make a difference to my complexion remains to be seen... Ask me in five years! 

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