Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's What's On the Inside...

I love facial masks. Especially the clay ones. As they harden and tighten I like to pretend I'm slowly turning into a statue... Or that I'm in Westeros on an epic quest with my direwolf and became unfortunately infected with Gresyscale. Curses!

Perfect Pores Clay from Twitty Natural Products is derived from volcanic ash clay that does in fact date back to ancient times. This particular clay has been known to remove toxins and soothe aching muscles, and is also used in many mineral makeups and other wellness products.

Perfect Pores Clay improves upon the clay's natural abilities by using a special proprietary treated manufacturing method that effectively pulls out the bad stuff like oil, impurities and infections, while infusing beneficial minerals that our skin needs.

My sample arrived just in time to tackle an increasingly large pimple on my forehead. But first, we need to discuss this:

What the what?!! What does a shirtless man in linen pants clutching a white-frocked damsel in a random field have anything to do with a beauty face mask?

(Related side note: Hey Twitty Natural Products- I know some really talented and affordable packaging designers and could easily hook you up, okay?)

Moving on!

The mask itself is awesome. I loved having to mix it up myself. The smell was earthy and natural. I enjoy the feeling that as it dries, it's pulling out yucky things from my face. And most importantly, it got rid of that pesky pimple in two days. Plus, it's additive free, chemical free, preservative free, fragrance free and is not tested on animals.

Definitely a cool product that just needs a bit of tweaking in the presentation department.

Perfect Pores Clay Mask can be purchased directly through its website, perfectporesclay.com


Anonymous said...

How many oz was your sample? Just trying to figure out how many I can get out of the powder!

MiamiBeauty2013 said...

1.5 oz and pertaining to how much surface is used on the skin, I have had anywhere between 25-35 uses. I have also bathed in it recently for a tore muscle after running long distance, and just sprinkled two table spoons, still leaving a large amount. The man on the package represents that it is also used by men, and can be used for children. You can visit to purchase at discounted price here! http://www.gofundme.com/HelpUsHelpYou

Anonymous said...

A little goes a long way.. Science class taught us that an ounce of feathers weights the same as an ounce of anything else... but an ounce of Perfect Pores Clay has twice the surface area of any other clay on the market! The natural proprietary processing technique used by Twitty Natural Products unlocks the molecular bond within the clay so it complements the human skin when actively applied, i.e. with the addition of water. In short an ounce and half of perfect pores could provide the same number of treatments as 3 ounces of any other clay on the market!