Monday, February 24, 2014

A True Sanctuary

We have a special guest post today BrainyBeautys—

My wonderfully beautiful and game sister, Christine, gave Sanctuary Spa Facial Youth Boosting Facial in a Box Kit a whirl. Sanctuary Spa is the UK's number one day spa, and specially designed this "revolutionary" facial to include all the steps carried out in a professional spa treatment in order to deliver visibly firmer and plumper skin at home. The treatment includes a single sample of products found within Sanctuary Spa's Youth Boosting skincare range that when used together, enhance the other's skin boosting qualities.

Christine's insightful review is as follows!
The before

Step 1- Warming Exfoliator/Scrub: This had a clean fresh scent and provided a warming, relaxing sensation when rubbing in. Although it was sticky upon application, I definitely noticed smooth, softer skin after washing off.
Warming scrub doing it's warming thing.

Step 2 - Time Renewal Mask: Cooling, with a pleasant fresh lemony scent. I experienced a tingling sensation after a few minutes on my face and found it to be very hydrating. The instructions also call for you to put the entire contents of the mask on your face, but that felt like it was too much and maybe a waste.

Step 3 - Serum: A little goes a long way here! It was very hydrating and smoothing, but also unfortunately a bit gross smelling... kinda like a sweaty locker room. Yuck! Although perhaps small price to pay for beauty?
Looking good there!

Step 4 - Lift and Brighten Eye Cream: The eye cream had a Vaseline like consistency, and went on smooth. I focused only on the crows feet and under eye area and found it to be especially cooling on the eye area. Again, a bit of an odd smell... not bad, not good, just odd.
The eyes have it—do they seem brighter to you too?

Step 5 - Night Concentrate: Ahhh! The concentrate features a fresh, clean lemony scent and was very hydrating. Not at all greasy which was awesome.

Ta-dah!!! The final outcome: Hydrated and loving it.

Final verdict? Overall, the mask was my favorite. I could definitely notice a difference in the hydration of my skin throughout the day. I usually have very dry skin, so it was nice to notice the hydration. Not sure of the price, but I'm sure it's much cheaper than getting an actual facial at the spa with probably similar results. I've only had one spa facial before, but my skin felt similar after doing this at home kit. I would recommend the kit to anyone looking for a little complexion boost- it was easy and fun to use and left my skin feeling great.

Thanks Christine! You rocked it!

 Sanctuary Spa Youth Boosting Facial in a Box is priced at $39, and can be purchased through QVC and

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