Saturday, March 8, 2014

Get Enlightened: GE Reveal Light Bulbs

Interior design experts hail a can of paint as a simple way to completely change the look of any space, but I’m here to tell ya just switching to GE’s new reveal® light bulbs will blow your mind!

GE reveal® bulbs are designed to replace your usual yellow, dingy bulbs with crisp white light that makes colors and patterns pop. They even have reveal® LED bulbs that offer the same aesthetic benefits of the rest of the reveal® brand while providing energy efficiency made to last a decade based on three hours of daily usage.

We were graciously passed along a pack of 75w Halogen reveal® bulbs to literally see the difference for ourselves. I had purchased a cool globe light fixture from the thrift store a while back and I knew it would be perfect for my guest bedroom. Any sort of lighting would be a step up from the crusty basic bulbs that were currently there! I also added a GE reveal® bulb to the side table lamp for easier guest reading.  

The before, entire room: There’s a whole lotta “meh” happening here.
 The before, a close up: Couldn’t get much worse than this!
The after, the entire room: With some much needed pizazz. Notice how the blue walls look so much brighter and cleaner. 
The after, a close up: Like a glorious bright full moon!
GE reveal® bulbs are an amazing, and best of all, easy way to really change the look and feel of any space in your home. I am totally in love with how my guest bedroom turned out and know it wouldn't be half as lovely without GE's help. 
You don't have to take my word for it though—Check out GE reveal® Presents: A Tastemaker Show & Tell on Lighting + Craft.
View the full GE reveal® product line-up at
GE reveal® bulbs can also be purchased at your local Target store as well as and the Target Cartwheel App.

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