Monday, March 10, 2014

Well (Lip) Color Me Surprised!

You guys, I think N.Y.C. New York Color has done it—I think they might have actually, truly almost converted me to a lip color girl!
I have officially been alternating between their new Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain in 498 Berry Long Time and 504 Orange On The Go for the past three days straight. Three days of lip color other than chapstick!?! UNHEARD OF. 
Maybe it was the sunny, 40 degree weekend that inspired me to freshen up. Or perhaps I'm just sick of hoarding eye make-up remover as though it's holy water. But on Saturday morning I curiously unwrapped 498 B.L.T. (ha), pulled off the cap and went to town using the marker-esque felt tip to apply the lovely raspberry stain. It felt icy and cool and left me feeling seriously chic in the simplest way. 
Then, in an unprecedented move, I decided to build my entire make-up look around it the following morning for an important day out with my boo. And today, I donned 504 O.O.T.G. for work, a fun yet subtle creamsicle-y hue. Me. Lip color. For work. And orange at that! My mother will hardly believe it when I stop over later.

N.Y.C. New York Color Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain is available in 13 shades for just $4.99 each at drugstores nationwide. 

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