Sunday, June 1, 2014

Yoohoo! Let's talk about your hoohoo.

No, seriously. We're going to talk about our hoohoos. 

If you're steuggling with this topic, you're not spell check almost refused to allow me to use the word "hoohoo"! With some gentle coercing, my iPad is on board, so am hoping you will be too!

Healthy Hoohoo is a Seatle based company, bringing gentle feminine wash, wipes, and foaming cleanser to down-unders (that one was another auto correct battle!) near you! I tested Hoohoo's wipes and cleanser on my own lady parts (not that I needed them...don't get it twisted) and must declare that I'd much prefer the clean and simple scent of Hoohoo products on my Amelia Bedelia than the other fruity, flowery, grandmotherly vag scents out there (not that I would know what those smell like anyway...)! 

Not only are Hoohoo baby-maker products gentle, fragrance free, and animal cruelty free, they are also invested in educating those of the female persuasion about proper care of their gennies! I say "woohoo!" and recommend Hoohoo to you-you and your noo-noo!

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