Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bobbi Brown - New Fall Look

Bobbi Brown
Mauve Palette

To quote Bobbi Brown: "...mauve makeup is a cool neutral that's very wearable." She is right! This great palette is all you'll need for the fall. It combines neutral shades for an amazing overall look. The palette includes: Mauve Lip Sheer, Vintage Mauve Lip Color, Dusty Mauve Lip Color, Mauve Blush, Navajo Eye Shadow, Vintage Eye Shadow, and a Chocolate Mauve Eye Shadow. With this color combination, you are destined to look great this fall. Easy to apply, long-lasting, amazing colors. I also have the Mauve Lip Gloss. The lip gloss brush applicator lets you paint color on your lips that lasts. It makes your lips soft and even has a hint of vanilla. I have already started wearing some of this palette and summer isn't even over yet!

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jenbur said...

I tried the Bobbi Brown new "shimmering nudes palette" and like it. They are sheer, so I find using them over my regular shadow works well. There is a dark brown shadow in the palette that works great too. I'd like to try regular shadows now!