Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lip Balm Testing

Lip Balms

Jess' Bee Natural
All Natural Lip Balm

Until now, the only lip balm I have tried that was made from beeswax was Burt's Bees. After testing the tangerine lip balm, I would have to say that Jess' Bee Natural lip balm goes on a lot smoother, and the tangerine scent is too good to be true. Even better, Jess' has only 7 all-natural ingredients in it. Jess' Bee Natural is an amazing company started accidentally by one woman 10 years ago. Everything about her company is all-natural. They hand pour their lip balm and use post-consumer recycled paper for everything. Since trying it, I have kept my tangerine lip balm close to me for repeated use!

Bag Lunch
Red Lollipop Lip Balm

I think there is another blog about the Strawberry Milkshake Lip Balm, but I wanted to compare of all of the ones I have tried. This lip balm is a little more waxy, but the lollipop smell is so yummy! Don't try to lick your lips though, because the coating of lip balm you put on is nice and thick to moisturize your lips. It is so great and fun to have a delicious lip balm that doesn't have cartoon characters or glitter all over the packaging. To me, Bag Lunch Lip Balms are the adult version of Lip Smackers.


Ok, so this lip balm isn't scented like the other two were, but I love it anyway. First of all, I love the big tube it comes in. It is full of vitamins and aloe vera to heal those cracked, dry lips in the winter. I could tell a difference in just one application. Not only that, it has an spf of 8. emmett cooper uses natural oils and beeswax for a nourishing, almost wet lip balm that makes my lips happy every time I use it.

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