Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gifting made easy

Between yesterday and today, the temperature in MI has DROPPED. The stores are getting crowded. THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!

Just for you, dear readers, the BrainyBeautys will post daily gift ideas and advice to help you avoid the panic gifting-- I once gave a set of fancy glasses to someone with toddlers, because the glasses were the first thing I saw. That one did NOT go over well ;)

So, my first and best bit of advice is to Know Your Audience!

The person
with the menagerie of pets probably won't be able to keep a china egg safe, the hard-core vegan doesn't want the summer sausage gift basket...

Now, the recommendations for the day:

Tarte, a perennial favorite, is offering great gift sets, some exclusive to Sephora.
Our favorites:
The Jewelry Box (left)--Amazing kit, dazzling case, even a detachable
necklace. Wonderful colors, so many looks! Perfect for a glam friend, or a daughter/niece-type who deserves quality and beauty.

Grab Bag (right)-- Perfect for the traveler who doesn't want that jet-lagged look! Even comes in a reusable clear bag!

The Royal Collection-- It's all about the eyes, but has a lip gloss and primer for a
polished finish. Beautiful packaging, sure to make anyone feel like a million bucks!

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