Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keep your fingers from cracking

Tips from Skyy Hadley:

Keeping nails in tip-top shape can be a little tricky once the temperature drops. It is super important during fall/winter months to make sure your nails stay hydrated (to prevent nails from splitting/cracking):

The best way to ensure hydration is to exfoliate the hands and condition the cuticles to keep them soft. I recommend softening cuticles before you get in shower: load your hands with a cuticle oil, face oil or Vaseline and then rub in when you get in to the shower. The steam will help penetrate the oil/Vaseline into dry and cracked nails and skin. (Even lip balm works as well when you’re in a pinch). Do not use a loofah as the product will get lost within the holes, be sure to use hand-on-hand action that way you utilize the product thoroughly. Always focus on cuticle around the nails and gently massage in – those who are in a rush for time can apply dot by dot by dot.
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