Friday, November 19, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide~A lil' sumpthin' for every lovely lady in your life!!

Are you stumped on what to get one of the fabulous females on your holiday shopping list??

Here are a few of my absolutely favorite, great smelling things!  Oprah: eat your heart out!

 Pink Sugar by Aquolina.
This perfume is a marriage between gentle, warmth and sweetness and bold spiciness. My biggest pet peeve is a personal scent that is overwhelming (or painful) and this delicate and special product is most definitely not going to offend your coworkers at the coffee machine or your lady friends at brunch.

 Pink Sugar is the perfect gift for the nice and sweet candy-type girl, but I would also recommend it for the bold, confident go getter chicks too!

 Massage Bars by Lush
I am a huge fan of all things Lush and their Massage Bars are a personal addiction of mine. This product is fantastic as a massage tool, but I also use a Lush Massage Bar in the winter to give my dry, thirsty skin a deep quench or on my aching feet after a long day in killer heels!! My fave is Strawberry Feels Forever. In true Lush fashion, this particular flavor is made with real strawberry and hibiscus flowers, so a few rubs of this bar will leave your skin left feeling deeply moisturized and smelling good enough to eat!!

These bars come in endless blends and scents, making this a great little treat for any gal in your life!

My all time favorite perfume is G by Harajuku Lovers. Another soft, sweet smell, but like nothing else I've ever worn! There are 5 scents in this line-all amazing, but this is the one that I cannot get enough of! I've actually shed tears over realizing the bottle has gone dry...which reminds me of the funnest part!! Each Harajuku Lovers scent comes in an over-the-top adorable bottle, resembling one of Gwen Stefani's entourage members (Angel, Music, Love, & Baby), or Gwen herself!

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