Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Go!Go!Girl 18" Layered Clip-In Extension

This hair extension (Go!Go!Girl 18" Layered Clip-In Extension) from HairUWear may not have found a happy home on my head, had I not had a very talented friend at hand! I find styling my own hair to be somewhat difficult and typically need help from a friend or stylist in order to create a nice look for special occasions, but even my go-to friend found this extension quite challenging to clip in. My hair is thick, yet fine, and so she ended up having to rat some of my hair to keep the clips from falling out. Once in place, however, I found I really did enjoy the overall look it created! I thought the extension looked very realistic and blended with my real hair very nicely. The look this extension created ALMOST made up for the difficulty of putting it in.

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