Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Hair Tips

Tips and looks to brighten the holiday seasonfrom Amanda Jenkins, Master Stylist at ARROJO NYC:
For long hair:
· Wear the hair up and classy, such as tying it hair back in a low knot. This is very sexy and sophisticated, as long as the knot is tied low—it should not be high.
· Add styling gel to wet hair and diffuse it, letting the hair fall in loose waves over your shoulders for a more romantic look.
For short hair:
· Add drama by creating a deep side part, keeping in mind to not let you bangs fall in your face.
· Scarf it. Festive scarves worn 70's style is fashionable and adorable.
· Using a curling iron, set hair for a look reminiscent of “Dynasty”.
And since a change in season always means changes for our hair, Amanda has some tips on keeping hair healthy and vibrant all winter long:
· Be sure to deep condition at least once a week to repair hair that can get dried out from the cold weather and indoor heat.
· Brighten up the winter season by taking your color a shade darker or brighter.

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