Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Earth Day is every day at LUSH

Gear up and help the world with these great tips from LUSH:

> Clean up your neighborhood! Find out what your local eco-charities are doing in April- one of our Charity Pot partners, NJ-based Clean Ocean Action, is hosting a beach sweep to clean up Atlantic City in April. Or purchase our Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion ($20.95) which donates 100% of the proceeds to grass root organizations close to LUSH's heart.

> Recycle every container! Check the bottom to see if there is a recycling symbol- most recycling plants accept #s 1-5 and many are starting to accept #6 as well. Also, many beauty companies have recycling programs, like at LUSH where you can return 5 black pots and receive a free Fresh Face Mask!

> Reduce waste and start a compost bin in your backyard. Find a large bin, add plant clippings (such as grass), dried leaves and soil to get started, and toss in all your food scraps. You can even reuse some of the compost as mulch for your plants. We started one at our Vancouver head office and composted over 100 tons of waste last year!

> Reuse your bags. Purchase a canvas tote bag to carry your groceries in every week, use newspapers to wrap presents or try our reusable Knot Wrap ($6.95) to carry anything from wine bottles to books. These beautiful scarves come in an array of patterns and are made from recycled plastic bottles.

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