Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Temptu: Build-a-Bundle AIRbrush Makeup System

As someone who doesn't usually even wear foundation, the Temptu AIRbrush was very intimidating to me. The instructions and DVD made it seem so easy, though...
I tried it before going out with the girls one Friday night.
I didn't use the highlighter--I'm pretty good about providing my own shine, but the foundation and blush were OUTSTANDING.
The application was super-easy. The hardest part was getting the little plugs to stay in place when I was done.
It took about 3 minutes. The last time I wore foundation & blush took me close to 10.
I think I could get it down to about 1 minute.
My friend commented on my great skin, and I got a truly horrible pick-up line*, so I am counting my first Temptu outing as a complete success!
More expensive than I am generally comfortable with, but they have some great sales, and sometimes Sephora will even discount.
Worth the investment!!!

*If I were a squirrel, would you let me out my nut in your hole. That is what he said. For reals.

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