Sunday, May 1, 2011

Every Day is Earth Day With KLORANE

We salute KLORANE and especially recommend the eye make-up remover, the dry shampoo, and the Papyrus Hair Care.

KLORANE: Celebrating more than 40 years of sustainable beauty

In 1966, four years before we celebrated the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, French pharmacist Pierre Fabre harnessed his passion for botany to formulate the iconic Shampoo with chamomile, launching the establishment of KLORANE Laboratories. A leader in combining the best of nature with the best of science, KLORANE quickly followedthis success with the launches of more products—all of them pharmaceutically-proven—utilizing only the purest plant extracts to target specific hair and skin needs. This included the 1972 introduction of the first-ever eye make-up remover formulated with soothing cornflower.

By 1986, the innovative Phytofilière® concept was born, consisting of five main stages: in-depth research of natural substances; selection and experimental cultivation; traceability of each individual ingredient from agriculture to production tofinished products; KLORANE’s specific protocol for plant growth andutilizing only KLORANE farmers and farms. This ensures that only sustainable farming techniques arepracticed, and that each plant offers 100% sustainability. Today KLORANE continues its long heritage of exploring the plant universe to discover the most effective plants for each particular beauty concern.

With the creation of the KLORANE Institute in France in 1994, KLORANE strengthened its objective to protect plant heritage via research, education, conservation and financial support. Over the years, earth-friendly initiatives have included generous donations and scientific partnerships for reintroducing and developing endangered species of plants and flora; partnering with select pharmacists in France to promote “Botanical Days” to educate schoolchildren on the protection and the beneficial uses of plants; generous donations to plant trees in the aftermath of fires; creating environmental and plant education programs; supporting the Million Trees NYC program and donating to the New York City Botanical Gardens.

Each product KLORANE creates is also a reflection of its dedication to protecting the planet and harnessing the power of plants. From the quinine extracted from the bark of living Cinchona trees sustainably grown in Ecuador for KLORANE Shampoo and Conditioner with quinin eto chamomile sourced in Egypt—especiallyrich in a plant flavonoid (apigenine),a natural hair brightener—for its Chamomile hair care products, KLORANE stays true to its heritage.

Clinically proven to deliver high performance, the line utilizes the lowest number of ingredients for the highestefficacy and safety. This philosophy maintains unparalleled quality standards to guarantee the highest levels of purity, safety and proven performance inall KLORANE products. And as itshistory proves, KLORANE has always been ahead of the eco-curve. From philosophy to final product, KLORANE makes every day a celebration of Earth Day all year long, year in, year out.

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