Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot and Cold Color

Thanks to the ever-brilliant Suzanne Quinn for this color-decoder!
What makes haircolor hot? Tone! Determining the correct haircolor tone, either warm or cool, is simple with these tips from Krista Beahm, colorist at patrick mcivor color studio. Rule of Thumb: Natural cool tones look best with cool haircolor and natural warm tones look best with warm haircolor.

“Colorists are trained to choose a haircolor that matches a client’s natural skin tones. It’s a process that yields complimentary haircolor results – haircolor that makes eyes shine and skin glow. Choosing the wrong tone can result in skin and eyes looking washed out and tired. So, when choosing DIY color or consulting with your stylist, it’s important to take tone into consideration. I advise looking at childhood photos, if someone had warm tones in their hair as a child, go warm now – cool tones, then go cool,” explains Beahm.

  • Tan easily and veins tend to be bluish green - WARM
  • Burn quickly and veins tend to be bluish purple - COOL

  • Golden flecks in eyes - WARM
  • Grayish flecks in eyes - COOL
Natural Hair
  • Red, orange and yellow – colors evoking fire and sunshine - WARM
  • Green, blue and purple – colors evoking water, sky, sea and forests - COOL
Jennifer Lopez (warm brunette)
Megan Fox (cool brunette)
Kate Hudson (warm blonde)
Cameron Diaz (cool blonde)
“If skin, eyes and hair are all the same tone or two out of three are the same, a person will most likely look best in that same tone of haircolor. If tonal results vary, they can usually pull off either tone,” explains Beahm who uses Matrix color products exclusively for predictable tonal results.

There are ALWAYS exceptions! Some warm toned people don’t like warmth in their hair and some cool toned people don’t like cool tones in their hair. When this is the case, try a neutral tone or ask a professional colorist’s opinion.

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