Sunday, May 1, 2011

René Furterer Teams Up with Hairstylist Cori Bardo and The Art of Elysium to Serve Children in Need

René Furterer proudly joins hairstylist Cori Bardo and The Art of Elysium in supporting their efforts to encourage self-esteem in seriously ill children by participating in a special makeover program

In partnership with hairstylist Cori Bardo of The Magnet Agency, René Furterer is supporting the L.A.-based non-profit organization, The Art of Elysium, dedicated to the needs of mentally disabled and critically ill children, with a special donation. The French hair care line, based on pure essential oils and active plant extracts that is loved by celebrities and top stylists alike, is donating their FIORAVANTI Shine Enhancing Kits—each one includes the FIORAVANTI shine enhancing shampoo, shine enhancing conditioner and spray gloss—to support a cause that Cori, a stylist fan of the line, devotes her free time to.

Along with providing artistic workshops in acting, art, comedy,fashion, music, radio, songwriting and creative writing to bring out each child’s creativity, The Art of Elysium also runs a makeover program designed to increase their self-esteem. Believing every child deserves the opportunity to shine, Cori says that she and her fellow volunteers have found“a little pretty goes a long way,” regardless of the child’s condition, be it a physical disfigurement, mental or physical delay or any serious illness. Cori and the volunteers, including make-up artists, hairstylists and nail technicians, will introduce the FIORAVANTI SHINE ENHANCING KITS to their young makeover subjects as they help them to look and feel their best.

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