Thursday, April 11, 2013

(Insert Slow Head Shake Here)

Honestly, I want to love every product that comes my way. And with a lot of them, even in the face of utter failure I can still find something I somewhat like. With Melvita, or as I'm starting to refer to them- Meh-lvita,  I just... uuuggghhh... I can't figure them out. 

The AlgaScience Contouring Serum was promising... SO promising... how could it not be when it's website page boasts:

"Formulated with an exclusive 3-seaweed complex, it provides multi-action effectiveness. Coralline, an "intelligent" active ingredient, promotes fat burning during the day and helps prevent fat storage at night. Palmaria provides draining action, while Fucus and Caffeine offer contouring properties. The 3-seaweed complex helps reduce the build-up of fatty deposits and improves skin firmness and tone. "

Impressive right? 

It goes on to state that the serum should treat problem areas for one month. Well, I've been using it for over three weeks coupled with weekly kickboxing sessions and daily walks with my pups, and I can't say I notice any difference. And although I am fortunate to be a slim lady naturally, there are still a few ahem, lumps, that I would like to diminish! But this serum sadly didn't do it.

Oh wait! I thought of something positive to say: It had a pleasant cooling sensation on the skin.

Thumper's mom would be proud. 

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