Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simple name + simple ingredients = simply marvelous product

I've recently experimented with two M-61 Skincare products and am hooked!

M-61 Skincare products are 100% paraben and synergic fragrance free, and are both dermatologist and allergy tested.

I tested both the Perfect Cleanse foaming face cleanser and Power Pro-Peel 2 minute facial.

The 2 minute facial has a light exfoliation and zero irritation. I myself, did not see any results in regards to a reduction in fine lines or wrinkles. The facial cleanser is my new obsession! It is light and gorgeous, but powerful. It really provides a deep clean, it does not dry my skin even the slightest! This gel packs enough to remove makeup, dirt, and oil and yet is noticeably calming to the skin. Throw in the fact that Perfect Cleanse contains a few of ,y faves such as green tea and lavender and seriously...how could I resist!?

This is one product that is properly named-check out M-61 Skincare's Perfect Cleanse foaming face cleanser pronto ya'll!

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