Monday, February 25, 2013

Modernize the Way You Make Up

Let's just state the obvious shall we: The beautyblender Cosmetic Sponge looks more akin to Easter hunts than make up bags. Yet with its unique shape, texture and material trifecta, it works foundation into that coveted overall even, crease-free coverage.

This ovoid applicator was the brainchild of Rea Ann Silva, one of Hollywood's top make up artists, who "knows the key to the perfect face is the perfect blend."  (Side note: I wonder how many flawless Oscars faces last night were achieved with its help!). Beyond Tinsel Town, this tool is also a well known Fashion Week backstage essential.

As I generally apply my foundation with my fingers, I wasn't sure how the beautyblender would fit into my daily routine. The tip sheet that accompanied it assured that even with my preferred technique, the beautyblender would smooth and refine my make up to a clean finish. Incorporating it this way was fun and did seem to make a noticeable, albeit slight, difference.

Other suggested uses include to use the round base to apply blush and the pointed end to "stipple and twist" concealer to perfectly camouflage blemishes. My pedestrian maquillage talents will surely need a bit of practice to fully utilize the beautyblender's magic, but I'm happy to take the road that eventually leads to complexion perfection.

beautyblender retails for $19.95 at major retailers nationwide including Duane Reade Look Boutique, CO Bigelow, Henri Bendel and

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