Sunday, July 24, 2011

BoomBoom's truth on threading

From Brow-master Boom Boom:
The Skinny on Threading
Thread or wax, what’s a girl to do?! For Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, there’s no question, wax it baby! Here’s the skinny on why…

“When done correctly, threading removes the hair follicle from the root, however, many people tell me that they have to thread every week-10 days. Suspicious…this happens when the thread simply cuts the hair instead of pulling it out from the root. It’s basically the equivalent of shaving which is a BIG no no, because the hair will eventually get really coarse and resemble stubble,” explains Boom Boom.

Note to all, if threading more than once a month you might as well get an awesome brow job for just $20 and be done with it! With gentle warm, NOT HOT, waxes like Boom Boom’s Flash Wax, burning is NEVER an issue – EVA! For those who fret about bumps, no worries, Boom Boom uses bacitracin ointment – an antibiotic that prevents infection and reduces irritation.

The other challenge with threading is it tends to produce a particular brow style that Boom Boom believes removes too much off the underneath of the front of the brow bone. It eventually creates rainbow brow, not big bold beautiful arches. “We do lots of rehab for this – it’s a cultural style thing and I’m more into big beautiful brows,” adds Boom Boom.

Truth be told, Boom Boom tested threading out on her lip once and was not comfortable being face to face with someone who was holding a piece of thread in their mouth over Boom Boom’s mouth (yuck). Boom Boom thinks cleanliness is next to fabulousness, so she almost died!

The Skinny: To reduce hair growth and prevent coarse stubble, wax it baby!

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