Saturday, July 2, 2011

LUSH gifts for grads

If you are looking for gifts that grads will love, search no longer. Whether they are off to college or entering the real world, LUSH has the perfect presents for graduates – a range of pre-wrapped gifts they are sure to covet. Take a look… Almost makes me want to go back to school!

College dorms do not come equipped with baths, so give her this beautiful reusable hat box (great for storage when empty) filled with 10 shower power products.

Celebrate, $36.95
Celebrate is a bright 'n bouncy bunch of reviving body treats to help her celebrate whatever needs celebrating and recover afterwards. It's got an uplifting grapefruit shower gel, zesty soaps to perk her up and a massage bar to give her a really good boost of vitamins (and a bit of sunshine).

Happy Gift, $54.95
Get happy with a septuplet of cheery products embedded with good mood potential - scented of grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and bergamot which are all shown to improve mood naturally. If she’s feeling down about the big changes ahead, this will wash her cares away!

Our Sweet and Dreamy Gift has a plethora of the creamiest and dreamiest of bath treats, soaps, moisturizers and massage bars to soak, scrub, slather and stroke her anxiety away with blends of calming lavender, honey, chamomile and vanilla.

Everyone from Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie to Madonna has admitted to loving LUSH! Every item in the box has been selected by an A-list celebrity, You're A Star box is a collection of their choices to help her feel like the star she is!

LUSH Legends, $199.95
Show her your pride by giving her this shiny gold hat box filled with LUSH’s best-selling
products. Face, feet, hands and everything in between, this gift will have her beauty needs covered from head to toe.

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