Friday, July 8, 2011

Thymes- great products, great place to work!

Congratulations to Thymes and their employees:

Thymes is proud to announce their new spot as the 7th top small workplace of 2011 according to Minnesota employees surveyed by Workplace Dynamics for the Star Tribune.The unique survey was designed to identify the Top 100 Workplaces in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area for 2011. A staggering 278 companies participated and 60,538 employees were surveyed.

Founded in 1982 by two single mothers, Thymes was born of a shared appreciation for art, nature and beauty products that create a relaxing ritual. The two women set to work developing a collection of natural yet luxurious soaps and bath salts made with essential oils and wholesome ingredients, and packaged with hand-touched details, pioneering an entirely new category of botanically-based bath and body products.Today, Thymes is the leading bath, body and home fragrance brand in specialty stores across the nation. And, continues to deliver exceptional products that stand apart in their uncompromising quality and attention to detail.

Strong values and heartfelt products have always been the backbone of Thymes and remain at the core of the unique homegrown business. Thymes is also committed to supporting non-profit organizations through the Positive Change program. Employees contribute their extra “change” (coins) into a community jar in which Thymes often matches employee donations. Thymes also offers one personal day for each employee to use to volunteer their time helping an organization in need.

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