Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lash Galore and tips from BeautyAddicts

Loving BeautyAddicts Lash Galore! Not super heavy, but defines and lengthens lashes. Goes on smoothly and wears very well!

Some quick and easy mascara how-tos from the BeautyAddicts pros:
- Contrary to popular belief, an eyelash curler is not necessary to achieve desirable
lashes and wide-open eyes. Instead, when you
brush your lashes up and get to the tips, roll the wand backwards. This will grab the lashes and effortlessly curl them.

- If you don’t like a lot of mascara on your bottom lashes, here’s another great eye-opener trick. Take your eyeliner brush and run it lightly across the LashGALORE wand. Lightly comb it on your bottom lashes to get just the perfect hint of color and definition!

- Mascara works at its best about 3-6 months once opened. Preservatives in mascara only work for so long, plus old mascara is a nonperformer. Be sure to keep track of its life span and purchase a new one once its shelf life has expired.

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